Yeah. It's me My name is David and I was born in Seville, Andalusia, many (many) years ago. TL;DR: This is my little personal site, just for fast and short content related with Drupal and other technical stuff. You can read more extensive articles on my other website The Russian Lullaby -I would like to leave this github page only for snippets and short tips-.

MORE: My primary spoken language is Western - Andalusian, a mixed variant of Spanish (Castilian) and ancient Arabic sounds of Al-Andalus (the old name of Andalusia). How is this possible?…I recommend you see / enjoy this video with English subtitles to understand it better: The keys of the memory.

Apart from this, I’m writing in Spanish (Castillian) and sometimes also in English -as you can see in this blog-. I am interested in natural languages as a sign of diversity and a way of respecting other cultures and identities. Because of this I try to learn a bit of Catalan or Euskara, the language of the basque people. I also have another blog about Drupal written in Spanish with other content and texts (not directly translated from here) if it is more comfortable for you to read in Spanish. It’s here, in Medium.

Years after, at school

Nowadays I’m working as Senior Drupal Developer in FFW Agency and I have previously been part of other companies such as Digitalist Sweden or Minsait - Indra or previously in Solucionex // SLX as Drupal Developer and Consultant, agencies very focused on Software Development using Symfony and Drupal. In my daily work all the workmates we’re working in a remote way, so this let me working from different cities and places. And this makes me very, very happy :-) The previous years I was working as Technical Director at Everis (they called it ‘Centers Leader Specialist’ or so) for the development of projects based on Drupal, involved with a team of 20 people working from Seville. I designed training plans, and I designed the on-boarding processes for PHP-Drupal developers, supervising projects, and I was doing software architecture and development. I’m a facilitator whose main concern is how to advance the people who are part of my team: that is my leitmotiv.

I have been linked to Drupal since 2011 (approximately). I’ve always had the same nickname - @davidjguru and you can see here my own Drupal.org profile: https://www.drupal.org/u/davidjguru. Now I’m doing digital consulting for Drupal - based projects. PHP, MySQL(MariaDB), Apache, NGINX, Composer, Drush, Drupal Console, Drupal Code Generator, Docker, DDEV… some CSS, some JavaScript … sitebuilding … and so on and so on …

Playing with friends

This is my own sketchbook for the things that I’m testing in my environments. I hope you like it and there is something that might interest you.

Articles about Drupal

Well, there’s a lot of content out there written by me, but you can read some articles in certain sites and directions. I have selected some references to link from here.

In English, you can read:

Or all the Drupal Migration series published in my site: https://www.therussianlullaby.com/categories/migrations.

And in Spanish, You can read some content:

More Information

It’s Me on my Drupal.org profile. You can see also my Gist profile, my Github, and connecting with my Linkedin profile.

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